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Thursday, March 11, 2010

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And the Winner of
the 2 Greeting Cards from Beth Stone Studio

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Sponsor Spotlight: crzylady's shop of (owl)ies

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

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Owls and other woodland creatures are so hot right now. But if you haven't really jumped on that bandwagon just yet, then must be you haven't came across crzylady's shop of (owl)ies! Make sure to click and read the fun descriptions of each owl's personality, too. Can't wait to hear more...

crzylady's shop of (owl)ies


Tell us a bit about yourself, Tracylea.
A newly 30 year old (which has been a huge inspiration for me to get on the ball living my life) special events coordinator. I have a delightful 4 year old miss bossy pants at home. My husband and I work together at a small liberal arts college in Idaho. I love reading - I am absolutely obsessed with certain series and have to force myself to read new material. I like craft projects which are sometimes unusual but can be done in a variety of colors and are quickly finished.

What 5 words would you use to describe yourself?
1) Voracious
2) Verbose

3) Aspiring

4) Controlling

5) Crzy

Tell us a bit about your Etsy shop.
I JUST opened my shop at the end of January. One of my 2010 resolutions (in conjunction with a February milestone birthday of 30!) was to begin my etsy shop. I have typically made and made items and saved them in bin all year for a couple end of the year vendor fairs. It took too much fun out the crafting. I felt pressured to make things only before an event and with specific goals in mind. Etsy struck me (and still does) as an inexpensive avenue to see how I can inspire other crafters AND myself throughout the year. It offers me a place to receive constant feedback of items and business ideas. I hope the shop will be a continual source of inspiration. And I can't wait to begin posting more varied items.

What 5 words would you use to describe your shop?
1) Whimsical
2) Entertaining

3) Inexpensive

4) Understanding

5) Inspiring

What are your favorite websites and blogs?

V for Violet
Ivy Black Chat
Foxs Lane
Lola Nova

What are your favorite Etsy shops?

B.Inspired Vintage
I've Got Worms
Kid-N Around Creations
Over the Wall
Lola Nova

What advice would you give other Etsy sellers?
To have fun. We are all too creative and life-enjoying to forget why we started crafting in the first place :)

Be polite and courteous and thoughtful to all other etsians.

Anything else you'd like us to know?
This year is magical - I can feel it!
Don't forget :)

crzylady is so kind to offer
FREE customized mini-(owl)ie
with any order mentioning this interview in the notes to seller.
You can customize by listing your favourite color combination (2 colors maximum).

(Thanks so much, Tracylea! We're so happy and grateful to have you here as a sponsor of Etsy Interviews!)

Etsy Interview & Giveaway with Middleburg

Monday, March 8, 2010

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I am IN LOVE with the primitive whimsical feel of Susan's creations in her wildly popular shop, Middleburg. Susan is an amazing artist and a SUPER-successful seller to boot. I think we can learn a ton from her...


Tell us a bit about yourself, Susan.
One of my life long dreams is coming true. I read a book years ago about a lady who would fix up old houses and would sell them, way before "flipping" ever became a term. I begged my husband for years to consider some dilapidated old house that we could fix up together and make our own. He would always say "Well, we have to be able to live in it." That nixed so many. My dream always included a studio for us, since we met in the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. And some of our favorite memories included the studio classes we took together. Well, we finally did it, after 25 years in advertising and marketing. We bought a historic house and farm in North Carolina, we transplanted ourselves, the Middleburg studio, and have been here just 6 months. Believe you me, it's dilapidated in spots. But it is my dream, and I'm getting to live it right now.

Some other things about me that I used to never tell anyone are; I love TV, but have purposely cut myself back when I moved and refuse to get dish or cable. But I don't know how much more I can take. TV here is really dated. I have a quirky favorite ice cream sundae my dad used to make with vanilla ice cream, fruit cocktail (from a can), real whip cream and topped with chopped nuts (pecan or almonds, but never peanuts they only belong on a hot fudge sundae). I enjoy mayonnaise, real mayonnaise and I have made it from scratch, but love Helman's the best and will do with out rather than substitute a different brand. I used to cook a lot and very well from what friends and family will attest to, but I think I'm over it. One of my new loves is documentaries and my favorite of late is "I Like Killing Flies." The guy it's about is so real, nothing phony. I realized from watching it that food and restaurant going has been a hobby of mine for years. There's nothing I like better than finding a good restaurant and taking people and family to it. It really can be my happy place. But being from Chicago it is almost a religion when you live in the city. Also been giving that up of late as Eastern North Carolina is not the foodie capital you would expect it to be.

What 5 words would you use to describe yourself?
Creative, tenacious, patient (more so than I give my self credit for), resourceful, original, hard-worker, Yes that is 6, but it's OK!

Tell us a bit about your Etsy shop.
When I opened it was because I saw it on the evening news with Katie Couric. I looked at it the next day and signed up immediately. I remember calling my husband and saying "I'm going to sign up for this site called Etsy." That was March 2007. I remember my first sale, and then the next and the next. I still feel the same each time I sell something. It's a cross between grateful and surprised. I never take for granted that this Etsy has played a major role in my success, and if I could give them a big hug in New York I would! My 4 year Anniversary on Etsy was March 5th!

What 5 words would you use to describe your shop?
Not perfect but Very Good, Classic, Bright, Unique and Sweet

What are your 5 favorite websites?
It's been changing lately. Twitter tops my list. It's short, quick and its really interesting what people share about themselves. I recently told a friend it is like eating potato chips but without the calories.

I'm looking at more art sites these days (see a trend, planning a trip really)

American Folk Art Museum
Museum of Modern Art
Guggenheim Museum of Art

And of course, what would my list be with out a good antique site? Still like Ruby Lane,one of the beast search engines.

What are your 5 favorite Etsy shops?
I going to give two lists.
MY ALL TIME favorites FOREVER are:

Marmee Craft

There are some really unbelievable shops on Etsy that only come up once in a while.
Here are just a few I like:

this is all I know
Loran Scruggs
Cornflower Press
GalaFilc, amazing life like flowers!

What advice would you give other Etsy sellers?
Good photos are the key. I'm constantly trying to perfect my photos. When I get good light, it's like magic to me. I shoot everything outside. I'm originally from Chicago and have shot on days when it is 20 degrees and lower, but there was good light. I would get out there and set up my shabby backdrop door and vintage pedestal and snap away. Your descriptions need to have a little bit of you in them. Lets face it, this is not the classified section of the newspaper, people. We all put a lot of time, energy and love in to what we make. Stop making it sound like it was made by robots.

Anything else you'd like us to know?
I'm like a horse. I feel better if you give me a job, then let me roam the pasture. I've ridden horses at three different stages of my life; when I was young 3-8, then as a teen and then again about 8 years ago when I was doing some pretty cool jumping. And as I look back, riding and being with horses has taught me a lot. Of the last time, sit back and wait for it, referring to the bump you get from the horse before going over the jump to tell you to get your butt out of the saddle or I'm leaving you behind, sorta good lesson to live by. Patience is good, but procrastination will leave you sitting in the dust. I'll get off my horsey soap box now.

This all has been a long journey or path and I'm still on it. I sometimes discount all I can do and forget how much I have learned and how far I still have to go. Remember to dream, they can come true!

Middleburg is so kind to offer one of YOU wonderful readers a...
Classic Spring Garland of Choice
to bring a little Spring into your home!
You can choose from Dogwood, Rose, Daisy, Cone-flower, Poppy or Hydrangea.
This is a $32 value and includes Priority Mail shipping.
(Thanks so much, Susan!)

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