Etsy Interview with Noica and her Craftomania Toolbar

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

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Since I've gotten my Firefox browser (not that you NEED it), I am all about the fun add-ons and toolbars. So I was ecstatic when I came across Noa Brumberg's Craftomania toolbar especially for Etsy-lovers!! It puts everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) Etsy right at my fingertips. And it didn't hurt that it already listed EtsyInterviews under the blogs button when I first downloaded it. (Thanks, Noa!) Let's hear more about it and her cute little Etsy shop from Noa herself...

Etsy Shop: Noica

Blog: Craftomania Tools

Tell us a bit about yourself, Noa.
My name is Noa, but you can call me Noica. I'm 26 years old and on my 4Th year of visual communications design studies, live in Tel-Aviv, Israel. I love making plush, graphics and short animations. I created along with my boyfriend the Craftomania toolbar for Etsy users. A couple of months on Etsy were more than enough for us to assemble a very detailed and ever growing list of favorite Etsy related links, and we were baffled; Navigating through the endless list of blogs and magazines and tools. Every site or blog led to a new exciting one, and on it went... We were wondering to ourselves that there had to be a better way to manage our stores and our time on Etsy. And so we started to build Craftomania toolbar. We felt so excited starting Craftomania Toolbar; creating order from mayhem, neatness from Chaos! We categorized our lists of everything Etsy (Craftopolis, Craft cult, treasuries, blogs, sites that offer promotions, groups, and many more). And finally there was serenity: we were 1-click away from everything we need and even the morning coffee tasted better. We thought it's selfish to keep it all to ourselves and that others should benefit from the toolbar as well. That’s when we teamed up and created the Craftomania Tools Team. Here you can see the toolbar's map- all the menus and links on it. To download the toolbar click here.

What 5 words would you use to describe yourself?



Tell us a bit about your Etsy shop.
I just love the idea that people from all over the world can have their own Noica plush or graphic. I Love kids, and it makes me happy knowing that they can hug my reindeer. :) As for the toolbar, it is fun to help others and find new friend. We are building a community here. Now we are dedicated to anything Etsy and handmade. Our goal is to create a Tool which is a synonym to managing your store on Etsy. The Craftomania toolbar is a lot more than a links index; it's a community of Etsians, where all are invited to join freely.

What 5 words would you use to describe your shop?


What are your favorite websites?
I have so many this one is hard, but you can see all websites I love on the toolbar.
Poppytalk Handmade
Amy Holton Designs
doll stories

Give your favorite Etsy shops.
Baby To Go
Nurit Design
Opus Muse
Netamir's Designs
Amy Holton Designs

What advice would you give other Etsy sellers?
Just have fun with it, make yourself a fun workspace, find new friends from far away countries, try to help others, create during positive thinking and let the world do the rest.

Anything else you would like to share?
I offer my toolbar for free here!

And a free iron it patches for ordering from my store.
Iron-it are my original handmade illustrations made into ironing patches! You can decorate shirts, hats, napkins and more! Just Place the patch, facing down on the fabric, at the desired location. Set the Iron to maximum and Place it on the patch, steam for about 5-15 seconds in small flattening motions.


5 desired characters

1 "NOICA" try-out patch

Detailed instructions in English or Hebrew!


netamir said...

Wonderful interview,with an awesome crafter!
I was lucky to meet Noa in person two weeks ago and hear about her plushies and craftomania tool bar. Both are highly recommended!

Amy Holton Designs said...

What a great interview! I am a Craftomania addict :)

The toolbar has to be the best comprehensive Etsy and crafting business tool out there...created by the nicest people ever! So glad to see that you featured it on your blog. Not to mention, Noica is just the most adorable shop (I love her deer!).

Amy Holton Designs said...

...and by the way, made me feel all warm and fuzzy to be mentioned as a favorite shop and website! Thanks, Noa :)

babytogo said...

This interview gives only a little glimpse of who Noa realy is.
As a friend I can tell you that she is the most clever, kind, inspiring and amazing person I have ever met!!!

Well done for creating Craftomania.
This is the most helpful tool for an Etsian!

SchickiMickis said...

the toolbar is great! thanx :)
and i LOVE noa's shop, so sweet...

Krissy @ B.Inspired Vintage said...

I know - isn't it the best?! I've had the toolbar for over a week and still haven't gotten through all of the great links and blogs listed on it. I'm finding inspiration and resources I never knew! It's so handy with all of the Etsy links, too.

Craftomania Tools said...

Thank you all!