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Friday, February 19, 2010

It's amazing that on any given day, I can find others just like me, going through the same things I am, right in the Etsy Forums. What a vast yet seemingly small Etsy world it is! I truly believe that the sense of community and friendship is Etsy's most endearing quality.

I was so relieved to see that Sarah of BlueBirdHandmadeBags asked this question; a question I (as well as presumable many other stay-at-home mamas) struggle with EVERY day...

She asked:

I have a toddler and we are adopting again, so I have about 3 hours at the most maybe a day to devote to business including all aspects of running a business and making things for my shop. Since I sew it takes a while to make items, and with everything going on with the adoption and raising a child, sewing has taken a back seat right now, thus not many items in my shop. :)
I'm looking for specific tips on better marketing strategies and store promotions as well as any other nuggets of wisdom y'all can pass along specifically for a stay at home mom. Any other advice is really welcome.

They answered:

I work outside of the home, but we have a similar amount of time to work on our business...I suggest a facebook fanpage. I invited some friends and family to join, then between Etsy and people seeing it on other people's pages, I got more members. I've had a few sales from it so far.

I'm not very good at time management, so I can't really help you out on that, but when mine were little, I worked at night.... justgivemepeace

My big tip is to have a dedicated space for your work so that your not spending half of your time setting up and tearing down. Then pop in and work at nap time, bedtime, when your partner is with the kids, whenever you get a second. I also leave the computer on (with sleep mode) so that I can quickly check and update things. Most of all, don't pressure yourself to much! Let the laundry pile up!! LuttrellStudio

I am a SAHM of a 3yo and 1.5yo. I sew as well. I have a little nook in our kids playroom, which is gated off from the kiddos. Most of the time they are very good about letting me work as long as they can see me. I try to take advantage of nap time, but a lot of times the housework consumes that time. The kids go down at 8pm. I spend a little time with DH, and from 10-1 (or 3am sometimes) I am sewing or promoting my business. It also helps to make several of the same items at once. My diaper clutches use to take 1hr to make, but that was because I did them all 1 by 1. I have an assembly line going now and it takes 30-45mins to make 1. modmomME

I've toyed with the idea of utilizing an iPhone or any other internet-browsing phone as a tool for promoting; if you're waiting in line somewhere you can tweet or answer convos, etc. and you're not tied to your computer. NoriaJewelry

And just look (above) what these busy mamas manage to do. AMAZING!
Visit the forum thread to read their full responses and many more not featured here.

Do YOU have any tips for a busy Etsy mompreneur?


Sarah said...

Thanks for featuring my question from the etsy forums on your blog!

I changed things up a bit in my shop, found some new inspiration, and made a different business helped so much I even made a sale!

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